Buffalo, by Peter Main

Buffalo, by Peter Main

This is the completed picture I have been working on for sssooooo long! It contains 132 individual parts that are appliqued (including the lettering and plaque) to make up this scene which is 20x30" in size, plus mat and frame. It is colored completely with spirit dye with the only acrylic paint (transparent white) being used as a mist on the distant trees.

PHOTO 1....tiny distant animals, cut out, coloured, and ready to be appliqued.

PHOTO 2.....some of the trees, trunks and bushes, ready for coloring.

PHOTO 3....pieces of the scene colored, prior to assembly.

PHOTO 4....buffalo plugs and parts of the picture laying on my pencil layout.

PHOTO 5....Buffallo's carved and textured prior to coloring and assembly. Note 'threads' that were used to secure the applique pieces in place.

PHOTO 6....sky and mountains, carved and colored ready for assembly.

PHOTO 7....lettering individually cut-out and appliqued to a plaque, ready for sewing onto the mat. The plaque is buffalo grained kangaroo and has beveled edges and a recess for the title.

PHOTO 8....close up of part of the scene.

PHOTO 9....and another close up.

PHOTO 10....a very messy work bench.....lots of skivings here!

PHOTO 11...close-up of buffalo and plaque showing part of the inverted border on the mat.

PHOTO 12...another detail shot of the buffalo showing how the applique stands away from the surface.

PHOTO 13...close up of the buffalo's head.

Peter and Buffalo...this clearly shows the actual size of the completed framed picture.

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