How to Search Messages in Yahoo! Groups

NOTE: Subscribed Members with a Yahoo! ID are the only ones who can access the Yahoo! Groups online.
How can I find messages containing specific content in my Yahoo! Group?

  • Go online to "Yahoo! Groups : My Groups"

  • Choose the Yahoo! Group you wish to search

  • You can use the search box on the main page:

    or Click the "Messages" link to use the search box:

  • For a general search, enter a word or phrase in the box & click "Search"
    This is a very broad search, which displays results of any instances of the word(s) in any part of all the messages, including "author," "subject," "message" content, etc.

  • Click "Advanced" for a more specific search, using one or a combination of choices:

      Advanced Search Choices (choose one or more)
      • Date:
        is any (the default choice)
        is today
        is withn 7 days
        is withn 30 days
        is before (choose a date)
        is after (choose a date)
        is between (choose a span of time)
      • Author:
        does not contain
      • Subject:
        does not contain
      • Message Body:
        does not contain
      • Click the Search button
  • If not satisfied with the results, complete another search using different combination.

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