How-To Set Up a Yahoo! ID

NOTE: In order to be a member of the IILG groups you must have a Yahoo! ID/Profile.

  • After your Yahoo! ID* is completed you may now manage all your Yahoo! Groups and your email addresses online.

  • Yahoo! Groups : My Groups

  • Yahoo! Sign-in & Registration Help

    * Yahoo! ID is required to access groups

    The following are screen shots showing how to set up a Yahoo! ID [it does not take long].
    Follow the red text, circles, and lines.

    Go online to:

    When you type a Yahoo! ID, click the "Check Availability..." button.
    You will need to adjust your choice if it is already used.

    NOTE: If you do NOT want a Yahoo! Email Address,
    be sure to UNCHECK the box by
    "Yahoo! Mail |_| Create my free Yahoo! email address"

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