How-To "Unbounce" Your Group Email Account

Note: A member may always send reactivation requests to themselves from the Email Preferences section of My Groups.
If your email account is "bouncing" in Yahoo! Groups, you may receive a message similar to the following:

From: Yahoo! Groups
Sent: Day, Month Date, Year
Subject: Please reactivate your Yahoo! Groups email address

Dear Yahoo! Groups member,

You belong to one or more email groups provided by Yahoo! Groups 

Recently, messages sent to you from Yahoo! Groups have been 
returned to us as undeliverable. As a result, we have temporarily 
turned off message delivery to this email address.

If you are reading this message, the delivery problem appears to 
be fixed. To start receiving your groups messages by email again and 
turn your account back on, please visit:,####&x=########## 

(You can also copy and paste this link into your browser, and hit the 
'Return' key.)

Once you reactivate your Yahoo! Groups account by clicking the 
link above, you will receive messages from your group(s) again.

Tip: You can read messages you might have missed while delivery was 
turned off by visiting your groups here:

Thank you for using Yahoo! Groups!

Yahoo! Groups Customer Care

Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to

When you click the link to reactivate your account, your will see a screen similar to:

Yahoo! Groups : "Unbounce" screenshot:

This indicates that your email is now "unbounced" and back to normal.
For more information about "bouncing" accounts, go online to:

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