How to Manage Yahoo! Group Email Accounts (simplified version)

If you receive a notification from Yahoo! that you are or have been bouncing; do go online to: to check your status within the Yahoo! Groups you belong to. Some of those messages are generated by the List Moderators via Yahoo! in an attempt to unbounce your account.

Be sure to check your email application's "spam folder" to be sure all your Yahoo! Group messages are being filtered properly.
If you are going to be away from your computer for a period of time, vacation, etc., it is recommended to set your email "Message Delivery" to receive "No Email until you return.

To manage all your Yahoo! Groups settings, go online to:

The link "Edit My Groups" provides access to options for your:

  • "Yahoo! Profile" [aka Yahoo! ID]
  • "Email Address"
  • "Message Delivery"
  • or to "Leave Group"

    The link "My Email Preferences" provides access to options for email addresses you have set up for Yahoo! Groups, including:

  • "Status" column indicates whether an email account is bouncing or normal
  • Click the "Show History" link for an account in the "Bounce history" column
  • Click the "Edit" link in the "Options" column to update your preferences for an email address
  • If you have another email address you would like to include, click the "Add Email Address" link
  • If there is an email address listed you no longer use, click the "Remove Email Address" link

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