Wall of Appreciation Award

In Appreciation and to Honor Individuals, Groups, or Companies for their assistance in the IILG

Jim Hay

Jim is a devoted member of IILG and has always been willing to volunteer, when duty calls. He has been willing to take on positions in committees, and when the call was made for a volunteer to become the IILG Librarian, he stepped forward. Whereas in the past, our vast library was basically a jumble of material, stored in boxes, Jim, with the help of Pat, has inventoried it, has set it up to where the members know what material is available. He is quick to find new items that will be of interest to the members. He made the contacts with the creators of VHS material and either convinced them to reproduce in DVD format or has obtained permission to have such converted.

It is very rewarding to have someone like Jim, who as a full time farmer/rancher, operating a large agri corporation, has allotted the time to perform the duties that he has assumed with IILG.

For his participation, I feel that he should be entitled to this Award, If it is the will of the members when the votes are cast.

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