Wall of Appreciation Award

In Appreciation and to Honor Individuals, Groups, or Companies for their assistance in the IILG

Pat Hay

She has spent countless hours as Treasurer of this guild. Her work is impeccable and efficient. She has chaired the committee to redo the IILG Guild table and for the last 2 years been responsible for its preparation and display at the IFOLG shows. In addition, this year she has been responsible for the behind the scene management of IFOLG Show in Butler. She controlled the tool raffle, raffle table and ticket sales during the show in Butler making sure all was in order. Her diligence has made sure the guild paid only what was required and not one penny more. A better representative of the IILG can not be found. She has been personally active and/or attended the last 4 IFOLG shows

Keeping up with IILG's increasing expenditures and member growth can be a full time job for the IILG treasurer. During the last few years, Pat Hay has kept up with ensuring members are up to date with their dues, grant monies have been sent, contest recipients received prize money, and many other expenditures that come with running an organization. She has served as head of various committees, such as the display committee that created a "new look" to our guild display for the IFoLG shows. As show treasurer she was instrumental in not only keeping up with expenses, but assisted with the organization of the show. She was also available at the show to answer any questions and to work areas where help was needed. Pat has freely dedicated her time to the improvement and advancement of the IILG. She is much more than just a treasurer of this organization.

She unselfishly contributed to the betterment of the IILG by presenting the Guild favorably to the international leather community, and she did an enormous amount of work "behind the scenes". The award would recognize that her efforts were appreciated by all of us.

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