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A Place to Honor Our Fellow Leathercrafters

This page is here to showcase remarkable people in the world of leatherwork. This includes people who have made substantial contributions to further the art of leatherwork, as well as those with remarkable skill and talent. "Hall of Famers" are chosen from leather artists worldwide by the IILG members through a nomination and voting process.

Paul Brinegar

When the guild was first approached with the invitation to host the IFoLG show, it was Paul who volunteered to host the show in Albuquerque and to become the co-chair of the show. Paul recruited volunteers to head up the various tasks necessary to put on a successful show. Paul took over the raffle table when Blanche Byrne's health would not allow her to continue. Paul, along with the help of Paul and Rosa Zalesak, contracted for the excellent facilities at the downtown Marriott. Paul also contended with all the small details and issues that occurred with professionalism and represented the finest this guild has to offer.

Paul's untiring efforts made this years IFoLG show what many called the best show ever.

Paul Brinegar is the one Co-chair of the IFoLG show eligible for the Hall of Fame award. I, therefore, urge the HOF committee and guild membership bestow this award in recognition of his service to our organization.

Hall of Fame Acceptance Criteria [PDF format]

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