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A Place to Honor Our Fellow Leathercrafters

This page is here to showcase remarkable people in the world of leatherwork. This includes people who have made substantial contributions to further the art of leatherwork, as well as those with remarkable skill and talent. "Hall of Famers" are chosen from leather artists worldwide by the IILG members through a nomination and voting process.

Bob Stelmack

I'd like to nominate BOB STELMACK of Richland, WA for the Hall of Fame.

Bob served as Editor of the Rawhide Gazette for 15 years. He served as editor while still living in England for several years.

Bob has given demonstrations at the local county fair for the last 3 years concentrating on getting the younger generation involved with leathercraft.

Bob hosts a monthly meeting of the local Leathercraft club and was also a member of PSLAC for several years (Seattle).

Bob also still participates in taking classes to improve his skills.

Bob has started an internet business selling book covers http://www.leatherbigbookcovers.com/

Bob always stands ready to help a leathercrafter out with his expertise and his wide array of leather tools.

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