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This page is here to showcase remarkable people in the world of leatherwork. This includes people who have made substantial contributions to further the art of leatherwork, as well as those with remarkable skill and talent. "Hall of Famers" are chosen from leather artists worldwide by the IILG members through a nomination and voting process.

Phil M LeDuc

Phil le Duc. That should be enough, as many of us know of Phil's longtime experience with leather and his always being willing to share his vast knowledge with others both by his posts to the IILG members list and the many who have received direct leather classes directly from Phil himself.

In addition Phil was a past member of the Board of Directors. Having served upon the Board with Phil, I can make the statement, Phil always made any board decision based upon what he thought to be in the best interest of the IILG. Phil also performed outstanding service for the IILG as Chairperson of the IILG grants committee for some years.


I would like to nominate Phil LeDuc of Stonehedge Leather for the IILG Hall of Fame. Phil has run a successful leather shop, Stonehedge Leather, for over 30 in San Diego. He as been an invaluable source of information, guidance, history and the business of leathercraft through both his responses to IILG member questions and his 'how to' postings. He routinely holds 'tooling socials' at his shop for local and visiting IILG members. On the three occasions I've visited Phil at his shop in San Diego we've spent from 4 hours to the entire day discussing tooling techniques, tools, leather types and applications; construction techniques of smaller items such as sandals, belts, wallets, portfolios, guitar straps to advanced motorcycle seats, briefcases, leather boxes; and restoration of wide variety of leather heirlooms, both for the commercial and custom markets. On numerous other occasions Phil has been the 'go to' source for all of the above and more via email and phone conversations. The longevity and reputation of Stonehedge Leather is a testament to both Phil's skill as a master leather craftsmen and his business acumen.

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