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A Place to Honor Our Fellow Leathercrafters

This page is here to showcase remarkable people in the world of leatherwork. This includes people who have made substantial contributions to further the art of leatherwork, as well as those with remarkable skill and talent. "Hall of Famers" are chosen from leather artists worldwide by the IILG members through a nomination and voting process.

Cathy Schlim

I would like to nominate Cathy for the HOF, for she, in my opinion is most deserving of this prestigeous award. She is a long time member of IILG, and has been a Director now for close to 8 years. She is now in her third term as the Chair of the Executive Board. She expends much time and energy in performing that duty, all of which greatly benefits the IILG.
Cathy also expends much time with teaching leathercraft, as well as much time in compiling lists, such as are listed in the Leather Knowledge Base. which also is a great benefit for the members of IILG.
For the HoF I would like to nominate Cathy Schlim. Her service to the guild and therefore the leather community in general has been considerable. In addition to her service as Board chairperson ( a job I know is both time consuming and frustrating, lol) the numerous study aids that she has produce for the guild are outstanding and extremely valuable to those needing assistance with various projects. She has also done an excellent and consistent job in answering questions in many areas of leather work thereby demonstrating her own expertise in the subject and again providing guidance for our membership.

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