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Phil LeDuc

June 24, 1948 - December 22, 2010

Spiral Basketweave
by Phil
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Phil LeDuc
June 24, 1948 - December 22, 2010

Thank you for all of your love and support.

Phil enjoyed the bountiful knowledge amongst the many leather workers, around the world, that he knew and loved. He enjoyed the leather guild and all the people connected to it. He did leatherwork for many decades and was a true craftsman. Stonehedge Leather Co. is the business that he started out of his garage in 1969. His dream of becoming a professional leathercrafter became a reality. He created and operated Stonehedge Leather Co. a full-on working leather shop, which will remain open through his family. He loved his family and will always be remembered as the great man that he was and will be forever missed. We are very grateful for your condolences and thoughtful emails/cards, he is gone but not forgotten. Once again we thank you for your love and support and we are grateful for your kind words.

Reggie LeDuc (Phil's wife)
Stonehedge Leather Company

I just found out our Friend and Master Leather Worker Phil LeDuc passed away yesterday while taking a nap at the shop. He is going to be missed by all of us.

My condolences and prayers go out to his family. Difficult time of year for that. He will be sorely missed.
Wayne Sticha

Very sad news indeed. My condolences to his family. He will be sorely missed by so many. Vaya Con Dios Amigo.
John D Dennehy

That is MORE than just sad news!!!! I will miss him immensely!! He was such a knowledgeable, talented, and caring person. I will treasure the time we visited and met in his shop. Another one of the good ones is gone.
Cathy Schlim

This is such a shock...Phil was a fine man in so many respects. He was a friend to me, I shall miss him greatly.
Peter Main

Now that really is sad news. I visited him a few times in his shop and e-mailed back and forth quite a bit. I made lots of leather feathers last year and was complaining to him about running out of the X-1Leather Finish I was using to stiffen them. Phil thought Leather Glow would work and shipped me free of charge his last and personal supply...which worked beautifully. He was always very generous in sharing his vast knowledge. He was a very nice guy and quite a loss to our craft. My thoughts go out to his family. Phil will be greatly missed.
Steve Stewart

Yes, this is sad and shocking news. My sympathies to the family.

I counted Phil among my friends, although I never had the pleasure to have met him in person. We had many telephone conversations as well as emails. He was a fountain of information, much on the toolmakers of the past in California.

He indeed was one of the 'good guys'.
Ron Ross

This is indeed sad news. Phil and I had shared many phone and email conversations as well as done business together. He will surely be missed and his family will be in our prayers.
Frank Zaharek

I am sad too. Phil was really kind and helpful to me.

He gave me some good lessons on running a leather working business, bucked me up in a few low times, and offered me some sensible advice that I have been smart enough to follow.

I keep thinking ... despite my sadness at his passing ... oh, what a good way to go! May I be blessed to pass likewise.

Phil LeDuc,- he will be missed by many of us. My deepest sympathy to his family.
Jim Hay

Those of you who actually knew Phil or had spoken with him . . . go ahead and call the shop and talk with wife Reggi and/or son Eric. I did, and they sure appreciated it. Maybe share with them directly, as well as with each other here.
Harvey Lutske

I have never had the pleasure of meeting up with Phil save over the boards. His work will be remembered for many years

With deepest sympathy,
Kurt Moore

I am in absolute shock! My condolences to the family......he will be sorely missed! God speed!
Bobby Park

I am devastated by this news !! Phil was such a big help to me off this list during my darkest times after the loss of my wife..

Reggie, Phil's wife is actually Regina the same as my Wife..

I will miss him Very Very Much.

Phil's passing has left me with feelings of regret.. Phil had so much talent and he shared much of his knowledge but i bet he had much much more to teach and that knowledge is now gone forever and i regret not talking with him more.

The favor i ask is that everyone pass on as much as you can so that your knowledge isn't suddenly lost and don't hold anything back !!.. If you know how to mix a special finish share it if you know of a technique pass it on.. Write a book/journel Keep no secrets pass everything forward..

I would like to express my most Sincere Condolences to Phil"s Family during this Very Difficult time.
Bill Miles
Note: Reggie and her son Eric will be keeping the shop going.

This is very sad I did not know Phil personally but did talk to him on the phone and was going to place an order for some awl needles told him I would call him next week he will be missed for sure. I would also like to express my most Sincere Condolences to Phil"s Family during this Very Difficult time.
Gary Knutson

My condolences and prayers go out to his family. He will be sorely missed.
Ken Bush

Phil was a master leathercrafter and will be miss by all of us. He had a wealth of information and I learned so much from him. He will be missed greatly.
Stephen Adkins

I didn't know Phil, but his contributions to this group were of great benefit to me and I would like to send my condolences to all his friends and family.
Dale Erwin

Phil was a wonderful person with a great deal of leathercraft knowledge that he shared freely, I spoke with Eric yesterday and as another stated his wife Reggie and son Eric will be keeping Stonehedge Leather going so please continue to support them with your business as you have in the past.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and loved ones during this very difficult time.

I am very sadden by the news of Phil's passing. He was one of the earlier members of the guild and contributed way above and beyond the call. He will be missed by all who were touched by his friendship, talents, and contributions to our guild.

My heart goes out to his family
Thom Keach

Just logged on and saw the terrible news. Phil was a treasure to this group and will be sorely missed. How appropriate though, that went to the Master Leather Carver while in his shop.
Paul Brinegar

Oh NO!!! That is very bad new. Phil and his talent will be missed.
I'll say a pray for his family.
God bless Phil.
Art Schwab

Phil was the man who helped start me in leather work, and he showed me how much he loved the craft in the hours we spent together in his shop. When I lived in the San Diego area I would stop in at least weekly and he always made time for my questions.
He is a man I will never forget.
Goodbye Phil,
Mike Carlson

Very sad news indeed. He was an inspiration to craft and will sadly be missed. At least his was a peaceful passing. My condolences to his family.
So-long Phil,

Very sad indeed. I will miss him and his great advise and comments that were always welcome. RIP Phil.
Little John

I just saw Phil about 2 weeks ago and he just came back from the hospital and was working as usual. He was such a good guy and extremely helpful.

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